Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding Photography Packages
  Start with the base photography package and add-on the services that you need.

Looking for the best photography and video wedding packages in Nepal at a very affordable price?  Congratulations! you have just found Wedding Kathmandu  Photo Video!

Our specialty is event photography, shot in a creative "journalistic" manner.  Every now and then we get these phone-calls from prospective clients who tell us that they want the “Best” wedding photography & Video Filming and after giving us a list of events,have only two questions – “How much do you charge?” and “What all is included in this price?”. Quite frankly, it sounds like someone buying a CAR!! “What’s the price?” and “What are the features – Hatchback/ Sedan, Petrol/ Diesel,Mileage, Make & Model etc.?” – The concept of “Best” being most features for the least price.The problem with this premise is that when it comes to wedding photography/ video filming,it’s a matter of quality and personal taste combined with the equipments they have…

All of our photography packages include these great features, at no additional charge

This package is our most affordable option.  We will provide one photographer /one Videographer for your ceremony.  This package does not include any reception coverage.

  • ·         1 Day Coverage
  • ·         1 Photographer & 1 HD Video Team
  • ·         Full Video With Editting
  • ·         Photo Book Album
  • .         Soft-copy of All Photographs
  • .         photo fream 
  • .         Digital copy delivered in USB flash drive.Wedding film delivered in USB flash drive.

                          Photographer: weddingkathmandu

NPR 50,000.00 60,000.00

Wedding Photography Service Online in Kathmandu, Nepal at

Wedding is a special occasion. What makes it even more special are the memories we keep with ourselves for the rest of our lives in the form of our wedding photographs. It’s been a tradition in Nepal since before internet took over that the best wedding photographs are saved in a photo album (not in a computer but a photo book) so as to provide to the people who would like to have a look at them, pages by pages turning back and forth time and again. In order to keep the wedding memories alive and also conserve the tradition, you will certainly look forward to getting the best wedding photography service. We are here to help achieve the wedding you always dreamt of.

With online wedding photography service in Kathmandu, Nepal, you will not only appreciate the best quality photographs but also cherish the exciting deals and offers that come with it. Be it the best of the best wedding photography service you crave for, or the wedding photography service at the best price, always comes as your first choice. Log on to and follow the public reviews regarding wedding photography services from us and you will get the picture perfect view of how we manage to create the best out of the pretty little moments of your wedding. We never cease to capture the not to miss out on moments such as candid smile of the bride or even the slightest of the winks that the groom throws towards her. We work in milliseconds so as to grasp the absolute perfect click.

Remember us today for the best wedding photography service in Nepal and we won’t need to convince you the day you reminisce your wedding vividly staring at your wedding photographs. We boast to be the number one wedding service provider in Nepal, and there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it otherwise ;).

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